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New Account

2016-07-08 15:14:43 by kenhandra

I made a new account

Go check it out because Im probably gonna be on it more

I decided to make a new account because im kinda chillen on the rapping 

and focusing more on production. I feel like producing will open more doors

for me rather than rapping as of now. Im not retiring from rapping lol just

fading back from it. My new account is going to be way better then this one

lol. Sorry for the grammatical errors Im kinda rushing but its 2016 so grow up haha.

Soooo yea go scout my new account please.



2015-08-15 19:56:10 by kenhandra


August 17th

2015-06-29 15:45:36 by kenhandra

AKIDNAMEDKEZ shall drop August 17th.

The tape will be dropping on Newgrounds first. Then it will drop to all the other music websites.                                 #akidnamedkez everywhere once it drops


These are the producer credits:  

Me, DJ Mathmatik, Master Jace, L Rello, Negrosaki, T-rap, Love Kavi, Adeyemi, and Phospho.



And thats all... for now


 I'm gonna drop a tape on Newgrounds for the first time. You should check it out cause you might like it. Idk if my music is too weird for Newgrounds lol. It's almost done too just finishing up a few tracks and I'm also trying to get some guess features on there. I'm trying to put Ohio back on the map with this one.


But for now enjoy the single's                                                                                                                                AKIDNAMEDKEZ DROPPING SOMETIME THIS AUGUST!!!


2015-06-03 22:43:41 by kenhandra

I just dropped Dreams today so make sure you like it on NG and SC


Thank you and much love!

New Song Dropping Soon

2015-06-03 01:32:36 by kenhandra

Be on the look out for a new song dropping and it's produced by Math.

Make sure you follow Math he got some hot shit!!!

One hit away!!!

2015-04-25 09:34:38 by kenhandra


New Songs

2015-03-04 16:59:25 by kenhandra

Sorry that I lied about Zone but since it ain't dropped yet enjoy these singles and give me your thoughts on them.





Valentine's day mixtape

2015-01-18 22:38:47 by kenhandra

Zone 2 will be dropping Valentine's day please cop it!

2015 Agenda

2014-12-27 03:28:02 by kenhandra

  I am not releasing any new songs un'til 2015 but I will give you some spoiler's for next year. Me and another rapper are coming out with a callabo mixtape coming out around feburaury. It will be called Midwest Classic because we're both from the Midwest. Also I'm working on an a EP that is untitled as of now; and I have gotten some dope beats from phosphorusprocedure. Lol try saying that twice. I will also be working on a solo mixtape called Zone 2. Expect to see more art by me in the art portal cause I have alot of drawings. I will try to do more comedy skits too on my 2nd youtube channel but that is at the bottom of my list. A beat will be coming out under my producer name King Wizard. Lots of stuff to look forward to in 2015.

  But my whole crew has been doing there thing check out our tape enjoy the final days of 2014!